The Silas Wedding

The Wedding Party

The Bridesmaids

Jennifer McKenna | Maid of Honor

Jennifer is my younger sister. She is my voice of reason, best friend and ultimate partner in crime. Whether we’re celebrating everyday joys or working to overcome life’s challenges, each moment with her is an unforgettable adventure. I’m so incredibly blessed to have her stand by my side on the most important day of my life.

Alli Gerkman | Bridesmaid

I have always wanted an older sister and am finally getting one with Alli who is Jake's older sister. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Nothing can keep her from smiling. She is super sarcastic which may be why we get along so well, but it may also be because we enjoy tormenting Jake together.

Shelby Paul | Bridesmaid

In kindergarten Shelby asked me to be her friend and ever since we have been inseparable. From playing kick ball games in our backyards, to traveling across the US to visit one another, we’re constantly supporting each other as we chase our dreams. She is the best friend a girl could ask for. We even find commonality in Food which is the way to both of our hearts.

Loryn Lotan | Bridesmaid

Loryn is the girl you will find on the dance floor all night. She is always down for a last minute adventure – no matter where it is at – and will forever be the person I am in a long distance friendship (relationship) with.

Abby Niekamp | Bridesmaid

Abby is the only reason I survived college volleyball - seriously. My freshman year, Abby and I clicked instantly and quickly became inseparable (maybe because we were both tall, blonde, middles). She became a key part of mine and Jake’s relationship from the beginning, as she was with us all the time. I cannot wait to stand by her in June and share a wedding year with her!

Christie Fritsche | Bridesmaid

Christie is one of the most caring people you could ever meet. We played volleyball together at UB and lived together for 3 years. If I ever need advice, a listening ear, a good (and strong) drink or a dancing buddy, Christie is my girl.

Stefany Zolkewsky | Bridesmaid

Stef is my monkey, third wheel, the friend I can count on to close down the bar with me on Friday night while also being the first to greet me at brunch on Saturday morning. Stef is my ride or die.

Kayla Waterman | Bridesmaid

Kayla has one of the kindest hearts you’ll ever find. We’ve known one another since middle school and keep growing closer over the years. She shares my love of wine tastings, puppies, and everything in between. She is even marrying my best friend Evan, so what more could you ask for?

The Groomsmen

Dalton Barksdale | Best Man

I've been friends with Dalton since freshman year of college. He may have been the most integral(math pun intended) part in the begining of my relationship with Carissa. He's the one who originally gave me the encouragement I needed to ask Carissa out. Although he claimed to hate me when me met, we ended up becoming very good friends. He's been my teammate, roomate and now he's my best man.

Chris Gerkman | Groomsman

Chris is my older littler brother. I owe a lot to him. He's the reason I started playing football which is what led me to Buffalo & eventually Carissa. He was always around to help keep me in check as older brothers are supposed to do. I'm very lucky for that and I'm also lucky to have him standing with me in May.

Jack McKenna | Groomsman

After years of torment(loving torment of course) from my own brother and sister, I'm excited to officially be able to give Carissa's brother, or my soon to be brother-in-law, Jack, that same treatment. In all seriousness though, Jack is all I could ask for in a little bro and I can't wait to see what he's able to accomplish at MSU. I wouldn't imagine marrying Carissa without Jack standing with me.

Colby Way | Groomsman

I had my first coversation with Colby in the cold tub after one of our first practices at UB. I remember thinking, "This guy is just as big of a nerd as me!" With football and our love for computers, we found we have a lot in common. Even though he grinds my gears sometimes, he does it in a way that only a truly great friend can.

Kyle Guy | Groomsman

It wasn't until 6th grade basketball that I really became friends with Kyle. From then on though it seems like I spent more time at his house than I did my own. It's impossible to think of memories from high school and not think of all great times everyone had at Kyle's. Also, if I'm ever playing bball and I need a PG, he's hands down my first call.

Matt Hooker | Groomsman

Matt's my oldest friend from Portland. He's also the only friend I've had punch me over a disagreement during backyard baseball(we we're around 8 yrs old). I still think he miscounted my ghosties, but we're cool now.

Mitchel Hoppes | Groomsman

Mitch was probably the first one to welcome me back to Portland when I moved back in 4th grade. He's a great dude and hanging out with him pretty much guarantees you're going to do something a little reckless but a lot of fun.

Dan Quinn | Groomsman

Last but not least of my friends from Portland is Dan. Not Dan Quinn, the Atlanta Falcons head coach, but rather Dan Quinn the agriculture genius. Dan is the man. There's even an official Facebook fan page to prove it. I may or may not be the admin of that page.


Evan Gerber - Carissa's Best Friend
Daniel Diederich - Carissa's Cousin
Matthew Diederich - Carissa's Cousin

Flower Girls

Jaynee Gerkman - Jake's Niece
Leah Gerkman - Jake's Niece